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Tv mounts

Tv wall mounting Manchester

Nearly every home has a flat screen TV nowadays, whether its a new 50″ plasma or a state of the art 3d Led back-lit smart TV, you know it looks good, and you know that it can only look better when its on your wall, seamlessly fitted with all the cables buried so it looks like a picture hanging on the wall.  There is no wall out there we can’t fix a TV to whether its plasterboard, brick, block or even panelled. We understand how important your TV is to you, how much they cost and how hard it is to bring yourself to “have a go yourself” well you don’t need to because for a small price we can offer you piece if mind, we have fitted hundreds of wall mounted TV’s with all sorts of brackets on all sorts of walls and “touch wood” there has never been any incidents or unhappy customers. Yet for even more piece of mind we are fully insured against bad practice and/or accidental damage so you don’t have to worry.

If you are considering having your TV mounted on the wall you have more than likely seen already how good it looks, whether just on a picture or at a friends house. The effect can be amazing, we have even created false walls so that tv’s, speakers, sky boxes and Blu-ray players can be sunken into recessed holes, for a flush finish with no need for units or brackets. we have even wired in glass led shelving for the peripherals to sit on giving an amazing effect.

So what does your TV wall Mounting service give you ………

  • A perfectly installed Television, wall mounted.
  • Fitted in 1 or more rooms.
  •  Any size TV.
  • Any Type or Brand of TV.
  • Supply of bracket, and same day fitment service.
  • No messy wires, no fuss, competitive prices.
  • Full insurance cover and professional fitting.

So what are you waiting for, get your perfectly finished TV hung on your wall now, we have the best prices in and around Manchester, more experience, flexible fitting times and short notice appointments, we will clean up thoroughly leaving no dust, packaging, or evidence we were ever there apart from a seamless wall mounted TV on your wall.

  • Prompt, reliable service.
  • Absolutely NO call out fees.
  • Manchester tv wall mounting